A Thoughtful Woman Reviews

“Wow! What a read! This is a rollercoaster of a ride, with a gripping final chase scene between Sally and the police.”

“The scene with the member of the Greater Throcking Birdwatching Club (“twitcher or bird watcher?”) made me laugh out loud.”

“This was a fantastic read and I stayed up late reading to find out what happens!”

“…I can’t wait to read the next book in the Sally Mellors series, An Implacable Woman, out later this year.”

Claire at Lecari.co.uk

“The murders that are committed are so ‘out there’ and completely different I LOVED it! It was completely shocking and dark which I found so thrilling!”

“It became even more exciting when the chase started! I couldn’t put it down at this point wanting to know which way this story was going to go, convinced it was going to be similar to every other crime book! BUT it totally didn’t and I loved the ending! I can’t wait for the next instalment in the Sally Mellors story!”

Lynne at thebookreviewingmum.wordpress.com

“Now this was a read absolutely packed with surprises and I even had another when I came to write my review of it when I discovered it is the first book in a new series – what a great start this proved to be!”

“I’m so glad there are going to be more books involving these characters! Sally is one feisty, determined, intelligent and ruthless woman – despite how funny and warm hearted others assume her to be.”

Elaine at splashesintobooks.wordpress.com

(Em has put an enormous amount of thought into her review, more I think, than I’ve ever seen done for any book, mine or anyone else’s. (You’ll have to click one of the links to read the whole thing.) It’s frankly an honour for any author to have their work considered like this, but I’m still not going to tell you if she’s right or not!

“This needs to be the next read of anyone who wants something wild, unusual, and crafty in its delivery. This is unique in so many ways.”

“…my favorite part of this novel was the way it took the elements of an 80s comedy detective film and put it into words. It’s quirky, unique, and while not laugh out loud funny, very amusing. I kept thinking of rat races, or characters trying to discover what’s happening, only for it to be a false lead, or a red herring.”

“Now I’ve thought, and written about it, I can safely say this is a fantastic, well written, well intentioned novel.”

Em at Radzy Writes, Reads and Reviews

“A brilliantly written story that shows how far some people will go to get justice, and how far they will go to corrupt it.”

Caroline at The Divine Write

“This is a tension filled thriller.”

“A Thoughtful Woman is a compulsive read.”

“Overall, I would totally recommend A Thoughtful Woman. It may make you cringe in places, but it’s a taut thriller with a really fascinating main character and plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes.”

Carol at Carol’s Notebook

“The characters are all convincing. Sally is the stronger of the two women, and she makes for a fascinating psychological study.”

“It’s a book that really makes you think and question your own moral values.”

Stephanie at Books Are Cool

“A Thoughtful Woman is an absorbing and detail-oriented book.”

“Sally is a cool cucumber, a slow-burning piece of charcoal.”

“The fact that she has friends in the police force, whom she manipulates to meet her own ends is so daring. Detective Inspector Peregrine McEwan has no idea who he is up against.”

“It is a thriller set in a much slower age, but there’s no dearth of action. Highly recommended!”

Satabdi at Book Reviews by Satabdi