An Implacable Woman Reviews

“My second read from K.T. Findlay was an entertaining read full of dark humor and suspense. I was hooked almost immediately and had trouble setting Implacable Woman down.”

“I enjoy K.T. Findlay’s writing and look forward to more.”

Jessica Belmont

“This is a captivating read considering the murderer is a well-liked and unassuming local painter who has an alter ego.”

“Sally’s hatred of the murder victims and the ferocity of the acts themselves are very shocking considering who she is, but that is what makes this such a captivating read.”

“I was impressed with Sally’s clever ways of revenge and envious of the extremely great physical condition she must be in to traipse around on her bicycle and her motorbike every day.”

“Sally and Emma are a hilarious pair who are also compassionate and help the widows of the wife beaters by creating the Freedom Club.  Let’s not forget Sally and Emma’s good friends, Peregrine, Susan, Paul and Felicity, who are ironically police detectives and the local coroner and very clever with their discoveries in their own right.”

 “If you like dark mysteries with engaging characters, check this one out.”

Sharon at the Eclectic Review

“This gripping tale of vigilante justice was voiced by numerous characters including Sally, her alter ego Selina and her friend Peregrin who was in charge of the police investigation into her crimes.”

“Sally had a heart of gold which we witnessed during her interactions with the little girl. Selena had a wicked but very dark sense of humour and I loved her interactions with her victims.”

“Her methods of killing her victims were ingenious, she was like the MacGyver of the serial killer world.”

“I loved the setting for this book, the trails through the woods, the two deadly, unstable suspension bridges. It was all so wonderfully described that the reader could close their eyes and imagine Sally/Selina riding along the trails and roads on her Kawasaki or mountain bike, the wind in the trees, the crunch of gravel, the water bubbling in a stream and Sally/Selena’s laughter carried by the breeze.”

“I really enjoyed this fast paced, well written enthralling thriller, the characters were diverse and realistic, there was some funny laugh out loud moments and a couple of heart pounding close calls for a number of characters. I enjoyed this book so much that I  am definitely going to have to get my hands on a copy of the first book in the series A Thoughtful Woman and I look forward to reading more of Sally/ Selina’s adventures in the future.”

Nicki at Nicki’s Life Of Crime

“In An Implacable Woman we learn more about Sally as well as Emma, Sally’s best friend. It’s great to go deeper into their motivations as Sally (as Selina) is back out targeting men who hurt their wives. Sally examines her own reactions — can she continue to act normal, or will her violent tendencies get away with her? And is she really a cold-hearted killer? Sally’s advice to some siblings that she and Emma come across are inspiring. I love that she talks to them like adults, and encourages them to make art if they want to.”

“The impact that Selina’s actions are having on the wider community are explored in this book. The women in the area are cheering for Selina and see her as a hero. Local men are worried they may be Selina’s next victim so domestic violence reports are down by 90%. Perry, a local policeman, feels emasculated as Selina has done more to help others in a few months than he could through legal means over the past few years.”

“This was another fantastic read! You don’t have to read A Thoughtful Woman to enjoy this but I’d certainly recommend reading both in the series. (Especially as A Thoughtful Woman is a very thrilling read!) I am really hoping for a third, I can’t wait to find out what Sally will do next!”

Claire at

“This was lovely from page one.”

“If you love a cozy crime with heaping handfuls of wayward fun and mature women bringing justice, this will be an absolute hit. I adore when authors find their rhythm, and this is that.”

“If you enjoy reads that snatch your attention, this is something to check out. Likewise, if you enjoy comedy, and characters who don’t take themselves seriously, Sally is a stunning lady, and one I think many will like.”

“All in all, this has to be a short review (for me) as there’s only so many ways I can say I like this, but if you love cozy crime/mysteries/justice, check this out.”

Em from Radzy Writes, Reads and Reviews

“I love the themes of the Sally Mellors books, she is taking on the establishment, sick of people getting away with things, due to their sex, status or the bias of the legal system.”

“A brilliant read and a really unique series of books.”

Caroline at The Divine Write

“It’s a dark book, talking about a serious theme. It could have become a book hard to digest, but thanks the dark humour in it, it makes it somehow a lighter story.”

“It was kind of fun reading how Sally and her accomplice are minutely planning their act of vengeance.”

“The conflicting feelings, the feeling of injustice, but also the bond that is created throughout the story, makes this one heck of an interesting, intriguing book!”

Tizi and Tizi’s Book Review

“It’s a gritty black comedy, making us really think about our moral standpoint. Is killing always wrong? Isn’t putting an evil person permanently out of action an act of goodness? It’s for the greater good of the majority, after all. It’s all a bit of a grey area but it’s well handled in this novel.”

“The settings are beautifully drawn and add to the richness of the writing. This author has a sharp eye for creating an atmospheric backdrop.”

“Much to enjoy in this unusual, challenging novel.”

Stephanie at Books Are Cool

“I rather liked Sally, she may be a murderer but she know she only does it to help. One of those characters you know you really should be shaking your head at but all you can do is smile at her antics (murderous they may be!)”

“A great book for all us thriller people who love a pile of dead bodies turning up at every corner!”

Sharon at Beyond The Books

“The first thing to catch my attention was the cover, it shouted intrigue.”

“It was fast paced and a well written thriller with believable characters and I am looking forward to reading the first book in the series and also future books.”

Sylv at

“I loved how the conflicting thoughts and emotions of some of the characters were displayed, especially from the police who felt compelled to catch her but not really wanting to because they hadn’t been able to protect the women Sally was defending.”

Samantha at Four Moon Reviews

“Findlay has written a very clever, dark yet witty plot, with a main character you can’t help but like even though you know she’s dangerously crossing the line, but at the same time wanting to cheer her on for doing what the police can’t. 
I really enjoyed all the juicy twists and the antics were brilliantly plotted.”

“What I did really enjoy was the dark humour and wit it certainly gave a twist on my usual thrillers.
I’m looking forward to seeing if there is more to come from Sally / Selina.”

Dash Fan

“I loved the camaraderie Sally had with her friends, the golf rounds, unexpectedly dropping round for dinner, the impulsive days out.”

An Implacable Woman is a dark crime thriller with a slight lightness to it. It had a great pace to the story as I raced (on a Kawasaki) alongside Sally as she rids her community of some god damn awful men.”

Dash Fan