In Two Minds Reviews

“I was immediately swept away in this amazing book. It is so different to anything I have ever read before and right from the start I loved it. I absolutely love the female rep in this book, I love how the warriors Wulfstan could choose could only be women and how he and Thomas made sure to choose women with a special spark.”

“I had such a great time reading this book, the world building was great, it felt to me like I was in Mercia alongside them.”

“Overall, I adored this book and there wasn’t one thing I could fault. Everything flowed so well, it was so well executed, the writing style was lovely to read and the characters were so interesting.”

“I gave this book 5 stars and I highly recommend to everyone, not just fantasy or historical fiction fans, I think that a lot of people will love this book!”

Ellie at Read To Ramble

In Two Minds is a real gem of a novel.”

“K.T. Findlay proves his ability as an author with this. It’s exciting, compelling, and everything I hoped and more.”

“I felt transported into this novel and I could not put it down.”

“This is my kind of novel and probably one of my favorites I have read this year. Highly, highly recommended!”

Jessica Belmont

“In Two Minds is an incredibly engaging story that is smart, clever, and fascinating.”

“What I loved the most about this story was the formation of an all-female band of warriors who are as endearing as they are amazing fighters. They each have their own set of untapped skills that Thomas quickly acknowledges and utilizes to make what he hopes will be an unstoppable team of warriors. I couldn’t help but be engrossed in their individual stories as well as Thomas / Wolfstan’s. I especially loved Melody being able to choose her name and was intrigued by the unusual glow around her. The fierce independence and determination of Rowena and Berthilda, not to mention Freawaru and Storm, who had me cheering out loud as the story unfolded. It’s always wonderful to read a book that empowers women and showcases their ability to be successful in a man’s world.”

“This is the most entertaining story that I have read this year, maybe even longer than that. It has so many elements that make it hard to put down, and that will put a smile on your face.”

Tessa from Tessa Talks Books

“I loved the idea and the inspiration behind this book”

“…I have to say that it well exceeded my expectations – it was a brilliant story!!”

“It is 5 stars from me for this one, I thought that it was an excellent story and a brilliant idea and concept – very well written and very highly recommended!!

Donna from donnasbookblog

“I truly, completely, utterly and…. all kinds of -ly loved this story.”

“I will expressly mention that for most of the book my jaw was hanging wide to the point where it was at a serious risk of coming unhinged.”

“I highly recommend this book and am sure you will be hooked on to the series.”

Sho from Trails of Tales

“What a great story and an interesting time travel story from modern day to the Anglo Saxon that was brilliantly told by Findlay. I thought that the story was creative and really transported me to the time periods. The story plot is razor sharp and the characters are well developed and I really enjoyed reading about them.”

“This was so well done and a read I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Michelle from Nurse Bookie

“This is a wonderful novel for fantastic female characters.”

“If you love novels that are character driven, and show off a wide variety of people, good or bad, this is a fantastic read.”

“I read this over a couple days, never feeling lost when I needed to take a break or leave it to read a few chapters of something else. The story is beautifully paced, and the plot blossoms naturally, in a fluid, free flowing way. Genuinely, it’s stunning how naturally everything moves.”

“That pacing though. Umph. It’s glorious. I urge you, if you enjoy a variety of genres, and just want something great, add this to your TBR.”

“All in all, In Two Minds is a beautifully written novel, that takes a unique, fascinating idea, and continues to add twists and ‘what ifs’ into the world.”

“It’s unusual, in an exciting way, and one I’ll be rereading in the future, and hope you check out.”

Em from Radzy Writes, Reads and Reviews

“Considering the themes at play in this engrossing story, I must say that the author has done a skilful job at threading them together. Part history lesson, transcendent spiritual journey, an examination of early proto-feminism and with many digs at the corruption of the early church, this is an unusual book. I long for it to be optioned as a series.” 

“But it’s the foregrounding of female experience here that wins the day, in a genre of fiction that so often privileges the male view. It’s a book that wears its emancipated heart on its sleeve. I look forward to future volumes.” 

Elinor from Lock and load, brides of Christ

“The fact that two minds had to work together in one body in order to function was fascinating to read, but the story didn’t end there, it had an additional storyline casting ten women who were also just as marvellous.”

“The work was intricate and required depth for the whole story to work out. The author did an excellent job layering all the storylines, and the dialogue added to its nature of fulfillment. The literature had a fast pace to it, and it paid attention to details where it was needed.”

“I would recommend this book to anyone that likes twisted stories and fantasy readers.”

Jeyran Main from Review Tales

“This showed a great historic sense as well as had a lot of great points that will teach as well as entertain.”

“This book also has a lot to show about gender equality or trying to make it so. I do think that this book will stand the test of time. It is a good teaching method as well and even though its alternate timeline style it really is quite unique.”

Sean from Sean’s Book Reviews

“The ending suggests Findlay is going to return with an even more interesting second book in the series. One that gives Thomas plenty of room to question and lead. Looking forward to where the author will take it.”

Cheryl from Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog