The New Writer's Guide

Chase a literary agent or buy a lottery ticket?

We all know the chances of an unpublished author snaring a literary agent aren’t great, but what’s involved in making the attempt?

Is the potential prize worth the cost of entry?

The following videos point to Piers Blofeld’s youTube channel.

Piers is a literary agent with Sheil Land Associates. He has an extremely useful series of videos on his channel, that really give the budding author a taste of how an agent tries to address the overwhelming volume of submissions pouring into his inbox. All successful agents face this challenge. The greater the number of submissions, the less time the agent can spend on each one, so the slightest little thing can mean instant rejection. 

It’s one thing to know this intellectually, it’s quite another to see it in action. I’m incredibly grateful to Piers for these videos because they lend a powerful sense of reality to what can appear to the author to be a deeply surreal process.

You can find his YouTube channel at

You can find Sheil Land Associates at

(I have no affiliation of any kind with either Piers or Sheil Land.)